The Angel

She is an intellectual and a dreamer. Loves books and galleries. A foreign language teacher (for first graders) who aspires to be a professor of foreign languages at Yale. An introvert who enjoys her solitude. Very modest and proper, hates foul language. Doesn't like small talk.

She dreams about prince charming and doesn’t date unless its “serious”. 

Guest Stars:

  Pilot- Temporary Stranger                                           Episode 2- Temporary "Bug Sitting"

     Michael Franklin as BJ                                             Adam James Shirley as THE TEENAGER












  Episode 4- Temporary Boyfriends                      

   Josh Martin as JASON                AND                         Marco Pancrazi as ARMANDO





  Episode 5- Temporary Egg Hunt                                   Episode 6- Temporary Friends  

  Taylor Calmus as MARTY                                                 Shakti Shanon as CELESTE



  Episode 7- Temporary Attack                                          Episode 8- Temporary Dare

  Andre McQeen as THE NINJA GUY                                         Macleish Day as ALEX









 Episode 9 and 10 (Season Finale)- Temporary Farewell

 ALL OF THE ABOVE including Smith Crowe, Alonzo Williams, Ozzy Ramirez, Jeffrey Fleming, 

 Michael Dvorak  &  DeStorm Power


The Heart Breaker.

Frank and outspoken, an extrovert. She believes in polygamous relationships and tends to date a few guys at the same time. Very friendly and tolerant. Likes to party. An aspiring interior designer who is currently working as a Kid’s parties decorator. 


The Animal Lover

Works at a Pet Hotel. Occasionally brings home random animals.

His dream is to own a 5 star Hotel. A loner. A movie buff. Educated, smug and sarcastic. Blunt and opinionated. Takes pride in his intellect but is secretly insecure. He is charming but his reserved personality makes him appear “weird” to women.

The manager

She has been the building manager for 12 years and knows all the gossip, about everything and everyone. Cheerful, quirky and fun. Very nosy, loud and chatty. Married and divorced 5 times. She is very flirtatious and somewhat perverted (in a humorous way). She can be very bossy but has a good heart that can be easily melted. She is strong willed and determined to always get what she wants.


The Artist

A painter. Loves younger women. He has never been married because he doesn’t want to grow old with anybody. He always has a new romantic adventure. He pretends to be an intellectual. In reality he knows just enough to make someone believe he is an expert on a particular subject. He works as an usher in a small theatre and till this day receives a monthly allowance from his parents.


The Perfectionist

Robin’s half sister. Very competitive and bossy. Works as an editor for a small newspaper. Her goal is to be a news editor at CNN. She is a workaholic and a realist. Very punctual, organised and neurotic. She never dates because nobody is good enough. She has short-lived flings. She enjoys travelling and is always on the go.