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Svetlana Islamova & Desi Ivanova


Sebastiano Olla 


Sebastiano Olla likes to talk about himself in the third person. He was born in Italy, on an island that is not Sicilia. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome with a degree in Set Design, but he got bored and moved to LA to do a Masters in FilmMaking. He thinks he's pretty funny so he makes comedies.



Sebastiano Olla

Tiffany-Ann Rose

Desi Ivanova

Josh Martin

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Andy Chinn


Tiffany-Ann Rose

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Yiğit Kalyoncu

Svetlana Islamova



Svetlana acquired her Bachelor’s in Acting at the Higher Theatrical School (Institute) named after M.S. Schepkin under the State Academic Maly Theater of Russia. ​She made her film debut in the feature “Hitchhiking”, directed by. A. Pankratov.

Her theater credits include: Ichmeneva (“Insulted and Humiliated” by F. Dostoevsky), Maria (“Misunderstanding” by A. Kamu), Jill (“The butterflies are free” by L. Gershe),Helena in “Midsummer night’s dream”(directed by Louis Fantasia) and Sabrina in “Push up” (directed by Dariush Kashani) & many others. ​While theater remains her true love, Svetlana has also participated in many independent films.

Desi Ivanova



Desi Ivanova has a BFA in Theatre and a MFA in Screen Acting. She received the "2008 Minter Ellison-Rising Star Award" for best emerging actress in South Australia.

Her theatre credits include: Clov in Beckett's "End Game", Anne Page Shakespeare's "Merry Wives of Windsor", Masha in Chekov's "The Seagull", Malory Kingsley in the musical "City of Angels". One of her short film credits includes Kate in "The Intruder"-an official selection at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. She has written, produced and starred in the short film "Lamentables", which was an official selection at the LA Femme Film Festival. Currently a founding member of the MISERABLE BRILLIANCE ENSEMBLE in Los Angeles.

Kika Cicmanec



Kika Cicmanec was born in Slovakia and raised in South Germany. She earned her BA in Advertising and Broadcasting at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, while competing for their Division I Tennis team. She pursued acting full time earning an MFA in Los Angeles. Since then, she produced, wrote and acted in several productions including the short film “Wild Flower” which was an official selection at the LA Femme Film Festival.

She is also a founding member of THE MISERABLE BRILLIANCE ENSEMBLE.

Valorie Hubbard



​Valorie has been acting for nearly 30 years professionally. 18 years in NYC and 10 in Los Angles

Some of her favorite credits include The Crucible at The Roundabout Theatre, The Country Boy at Irish Rep, The Sweepers & The Queen Bee's Last Stand at Urban Stages. Valorie has worked regionally and internationally and has also collaborated with an amazing range of acting professionals including John Guare, Joseph Chaiken.

She also has a book "The Actors Workbook" published by Allyn & Bacon Publishers, co-written with Lea Tolub-Brandenberg.

Anthony Montes



Anthony begun his acting career in 1987. He studied Sanford Meisner's acting technique & the Strasberg Method. Among his teachers were Sandy Meisner, Charlie Laughton, Bill Alderson, Susan Peretz, Barbara Bain, Bob Carnegie and Shelley Winters. He is the founder of THE ARTIST THEATRE GROUP.

Anthony has received the Drama-Logue award for playing Victor in "Lou Gehrig Did Not Die Of Cancer". He also received the WorldFest Flagstaff award for his short film "SEEING PACINO".

Currently a founding member of THE MISERABLE BRILLIANCE ENSEMBLE, which is getting ready to put up their 3rd production.

Tony Evangelista



Tony, a Cleveland, Ohio native, cuts his own hair. He is often mistaken for an actor, but he prides himself on his ability to fool people. He believes the meaning of life is life and enjoys hanging out with his friends and family, fly fishing, traveling, and watching TV, movies, and some sports. Look for him constantly in various productions like the feature film "Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader", Fox's "The Mindy Project", and various commercials.